Please Note: The information included within these pages is for for use by FCA authorised intermediaries only. If you are a customer please visit our customer web pages.

Residential Intermediary FAQs

Important Information: We are currently only accepting applications from intermediaries located within our branch operating area. Click here for more information.

  • How do I register?

    To register with us, please complete the Mortgage Intermediary Registration Form and the Mortgage Intermediary Agreement and send them to

    The registration process should be completed within 48 hours, so will not cause any delays to your enquiry and if you are an appointed representative of MAB or Sesame, as these networks are on our panel, you only need to complete the Intermediary registration document.

  • What are your proc fees and when are these paid?

    Each Procuration Fee is calculated as a percentage of the mortgage advance and is 0.40% for all New Borrowing and 0.20% for Existing Customer Product Transfers or Rate Switches. These are payable on completion and payments are processed weekly on a Wednesday.

  • What postcodes do you accept residential intermediary applications from?

    We are currently accepting residential applications from intermediaries located within our branch operating area. Postcodes included in our operating area include:

    • Cumbria (CA and LA postcodes)
    • South West Scotland (all DG and TD9 postcodes)
    • North Lancashire (all PR, FY, LA, BB1-BB2 and BB5-BB7)
    • West Northumberland (NE45-49)
  • Do you have an affordability calculator?

    We do have an affordability calculator on our website for customer use, which can be useful as a guide, but we are working hard to build a specific calculator for intermediaries. If using the customer calculator as a guide, please also check the amount requested does not exceed our standard income multiples, as shown in our criteria guide.

    In the meantime, you can request a quick affordability check or a full Decision in Principle (DIP) directly from us, which we will provide on the same day in most cases. Please refer to the How To Guides for further information on how to request.

  • How do I request a Decision in Principle (DIP)?

    Please refer to our How To Guides section.

  • How do I submit an application?

    Please refer to our How To Guides section. You will also need to complete the registration form and agreement if you are not already on our broker panel.

  • What additional documentation do I need to provide?

    You will find details of what documents you need to provide in our How To Guide, however should your enquiry have any areas which are unusual or more complex, please contact us to discuss this further. We will then provide guidance on what (if any) other documents we may require.

  • What is the maximum age for mortgage?

    The maximum age at the end of the mortgage term is 85 years old if the mortgage is on a repayment basis, and 80 years old for interest only.

  • What is the maximum income multiple?

    4.49 x sole/joint where income is less than £40,000.

    6 x sole/joint where income is equal/greater than £40,000.

  • What is the minimum loan amount and term?

    Our minimum loan amount is £20,000 for residential applications or £50,000 for our First Time Buyer exclusive products. The minimum term for a mortgage is 2 years.

  • Do you offer a free valuation?

    We offer a free valuation on all applications up to a loan amount of £750,000. If the loan amount required is in excess of this, please contact and we can advise what fee would be applicable.

  • What are your terms for lending in retirement?

    Please refer to our Criteria Guide for full details but in summary:

    If the term of the loan extends beyond the age of 70 years old for any applicant or their declared retirement age (whichever is soonest) then the loan would be treated as lending ‘into retirement’ and we could offer a maximum loan to value of 80% repayment, 75% Interest Only or 75% Part and Part (Interest only element capped at 50% for sale and downsize).

    If there are ‘more than 10 years’ between the time of application and retirement age, we would need to evidence contributions to a pension plan, either from payslips or from the most recent pension statement and match this up to the contributions on the bank statement.

    If there are ‘less than 10 years’ between the time of application and retirement age, we would need to obtain pension projections and complete an additional budget planner to evidence that the lending is affordable on pension income alone.

    If any of the applicants are over the age of 70 years old or already retired, then the loan would be treated as ‘lending in retirement’ with maximum of 70% loan to value. Customers already in retirement are unable to use ‘sale and downsize’ as their repayment strategy.

  • What are your interest only terms?

    Please refer to our Criteria Guide for full details but in summary:

    We can lend on a full interest only basis up to 75%, subject to there being a suitable repayment vehicle in place to repay the borrowing at the end of the term. Please note that where ‘sale and downsize’ is the repayment vehicle, we have a maximum LTV of 60%, maximum loan amount of £2m and minimum equity buffer requirement depending on the location of the property:

    • Within our operating area is £150,000
    • London is £350,000
    • South East is £300,000
    • Rest of the UK is £200,000

  • Do you offer Part and Part mortgages?

    Yes, we can offer interest only up to the relevant maximum (see Criteria Guide section 4.8) with the remainder on a capital and repayment basis up to a maximum of 75%. Where any element of the mortgage is on Interest Only basis, the Interest Only product would apply to the whole loan amount.

  • What income types will you consider?

    We consider most income types:

    • Permanent employed (including shift, unsocial hours, allowances and bonuses)
    • Fixed term and zero-hours contracts
    • Self-employed
    • Contract workers
    • Pension Income (both state and private)
    • Investment Income
    • Rental Income
    • Benefit income
    • Foster Care Income
    • Maintenance Income

    Please refer to our Criteria Guide to find details on the documents we require to evidence this income. If you have any income type not noted above, then please contact us and we can discuss whether we are able to include this as part of our assessments.

  • Are fixed contracts and zero-hours contracts acceptable?

    Yes - please refer to our Criteria Guide for details on the information we need to evidence this income.

  • Do you lend on S106 / affordable housing?

    Yes-subject to a review of the terms of the S106 (or equivalent) and only for properties located within our core operating area.

  • Can a client use their own solicitor?

    Yes, a client can choose their own solicitor to act, who would need to be on our approved panel. You can find our solicitor panel here.

    Should the solicitor you wish to use not be on our panel, please contact us and we will advise whether they meet the criteria to be added. Please note that this can add a little extra time to the application process, as we cannot produce a mortgage offer until the solicitor is approved and on our panel.

    If the solicitor doesn’t meet our criteria and therefore cannot be added to the panel, the applicants can either choose a solicitor who is on our panel or continue with separate representation where The Cumberland will instruct a solicitor to act on our behalf alongside the applicants solicitor. Please note that the applicants will be responsible for the full legal cost and as two firms are involved this will be more expensive.

  • Are overpayments allowed?

    Yes, all our products allow overpayments of up to 10% of the balance of the loan per financial year without penalty during the initial fixed or variable product terms. Should the overpayment you make exceed this amount, then an early repayment charge (ERC) will be payable for the amount exceeding your allowance and the ERC percentage will vary depending on the product chosen.

  • Do you offer exclusive existing borrower products for rate switches?

    Yes, please follow this link to see the product options for existing borrower rate switches.

  • Do you offer Buy to Let and Holiday Let Mortgages?

    Yes we do - please follow the links below to find out more.

  • Are your mortgage products Portable?

    Yes, if your customer moves home our products can be ported onto the new mortgage and any additional borrowing can be taken on a new rate. If your customers are borrowing less than their current mortgage, please contact us and we can advise if any early repayment charge would be payable and if so, how much that would be, as this would depend on the product terms.

  • How long are your mortgage offers valid?

    Our mortgage offers are valid for 6 months but we can request an extension in certain circumstances, for example if the completion date on a new build property is delayed.

  • Do you offer Self Build Mortgages or Equity Release?

    We do not offer mortgage facilities for either of these mortgage types.

  • Is your email messaging secure?

    For any confidential client information, we have secure messaging, whereby you will receive a notification asking you to login in with your email address and password to access the documentation.