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Cheque clearance periods

The following interest and cheque clearance timescales will apply to sterling cheque deposits to all of the Society’s current and savings accounts regardless of the value of the deposit:

Account Type Paid In Interest Earned From Available for Withdrawal by 2359 on Cleared with certainty by close of business on
Monday Tuesday Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Friday
Wednesday Thursday Thursday Monday
Thursday Friday Friday Tuesday
Friday Monday Monday Wednesday
Saturday Tuesday Tuesday Thursday

"Available for Withdrawal by 2359 on” will mean that the funds should be available for withdrawal from early evening (and by 2359 at the latest) on the day indicated either at an ATM, for a shopping transaction or for transfer / payment through internet banking / the mobile app. For example, a cheque paid in on a Monday will be available for withdrawal by 2359 at the latest on Tuesday evening.

Bank holidays will extend the clearance period. Remember to add an extra day(s) if there are one or more English bank holidays between the day on which the cheque is paid in and the day indicated for withdrawal.

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