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What is SecureCall?

SecureCall is a fraud prevention feature of Internet Banking which is designed to protect you and your money from online fraud.

How does it work?

When attempting to make a payment from one of your accounts in Internet Banking to another person or company you have not paid before, you will receive an automated phone call to confirm that it is actually you making the payment. The call will confirm the details of the payment and give you a code to enter to proceed with the payment.

That payee is then verified and you will not have to authenticate them again for future payments unless the amount being sent is above a certain value.

Our App allows you to make transfers between your Internet Banking enabled accounts, and to make payments to verified payees previously set up in Internet Banking. You can also make payments of up to £500 to another person or company you haven’t paid before via the App. Payments of a higher value need to be made through Internet Banking.

On which phone number will I be called?

When you register for Internet Banking and SecureCall, you can specify up to 3 different phone numbers on which you can receive calls. Typically this will be numbers for your home, work and mobile phones.

When making a payment, you will be able choose whichever number is most appropriate for you at the time.

It is important that you only register numbers which you can be contacted on directly. So for example, do not use numbers which are first answered by a switchboard or automated queuing service. We also suggest that you do not use numbers on which calls are recorded.

You can register international numbers, but not premium rate numbers (e.g. starting 09).

Is there a charge for this service?

No, although your mobile service provider may charge you for receiving a call when you are abroad.

What should I do if I receive a suspicious call?

If you receive a SecureCall for a payment you are not attempting to make, end the call immediately and contact our Customer Service Team on 01228 403141 to report the transaction.

If you are calling outside our normal opening hours, it is important that you leave a message on the automated service.

I have a disability that may prevent me from using this service, what can I do?

To use SecureCall, you will need to be able to receive a call from us, confirm the details read out and then enter a code into internet banking. If you are unable to do this then please visit your local branch or contact us by other means and we will arrange the payment for you.

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