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Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay using your Cumberland debit card. It's a simple, secure way to make payments with your mobile device.

Which devices does Apple Pay work with?

  • iPhone: Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and later in stores, apps and on websites in Safari
  • Apple Watch: in stores and apps (requires iPhone 6 or later)
  • iPad: iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 and later in apps and websites in Safari
  • Mac: Mac (2012 or later) in Safari with an Apple Pay–enabled iPhone or Apple Watch

How do I add my Cumberland debit card to Apple Pay?

  • On iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap the '+' sign
  • For Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select 'Wallet & Apple Pay,' then tap 'Add Credit or Debit Card'
  • On iPad, go to Settings, open 'Wallet & Apple Pay,' and select 'Add Credit or Debit Card'
  • On MacBook Pro with Touch ID, go to System Preferences, select 'Wallet & Apple Pay,' then select 'Add Card'

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