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How do I activate Alerts in Internet Banking?

Activate Your Alerts

You can activate text, email or secure message alerts on your Cumberland current account via Internet Banking. Simply log on to Internet Banking and select 'Other Services > Change My Alerts' from the main menu.

There are options to register for the following alerts:

  • Minimum Account Balance
  • Changed Access Code
  • Suspended Access
  • New Secure Message
  • Payment Deleted
  • Payment processed (Own Accounts)
  • Payment Processed (Third Parties)
  • Payment processed (Batch) – for Business Customers only

Select the 'Action' icon next to the alert you wish to register for and follow the instructions.

Turn Off or Edit Your Alerts

To switch off any of the alerts, you can do this against the individual alert by clicking on the ‘Action' icon. Select ‘Edit’, to change how you receive the alert, or select 'Deregister' to turn off all notifications for the selected alert.

To remove all options on all of the alerts, you can press the ‘Turn off Alerts’ button at the bottom of the screen, and this will remove every registered option from all of the alerts.

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