Fee Information

Current Account Fee Information (Charges)

The Fee Information Documents below provide details of the fees for using the main services linked to our individual current accounts (known as payment accounts).

A Glossary of Terms is also available.

Fees may also apply for additional services linked to each account, details of which are shown in the Additional Charges for Account Services document.

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Service Charge
Transferring Euros to another European country (transfer should arrive the next bank working day) £12
Transferring in currencies other than Euros and/or to non European countries (transfer should arrive within a maximum of 5 working days) £20

The recipient of the funds will also be subject to a charge. We regret we cannot confirm in advance the amount of any such charge.

If an investigation is required into an overseas transfer, for example, if there is a delay in the funds being received by the beneficiary, if the funds are returned, or if further information is required to place the funds, a £25 charge is payable.

Accepting foreign denomination cheques and sterling cheques drawn on a foreign bank account

Charges are payable for these services and are made both by our bankers and the bank on which the cheque is drawn (the drawing banker). We cannot confirm in advance the rate of exchange which will apply or the amount of the charges, but for guidance they could be as high as £60. All charges will be deducted from the amount converted and the net amount will be credited to your account. Please allow at least eight weeks for these cheques to be paid by the drawing banker. The rate of exchange which will apply will be the rate applicable on the date the cheque is paid by the drawing banker. We will normally not accept such cheques for amounts less than £100.