Apple Pay

Pay with your Cumberland debit cards with just a touch. Apple Pay is simple to use in shops, apps and on the web

An easier way to pay

Apple Pay is a digital wallet service that lets you make payments using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac
An easier way to pay in shops
An easier way to pay in shops
Using Apple Pay in shops happens in seconds with your iPhone and Apple Watch

Just hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID or double-click the side button on your Apple Watch, then hold it near the reader

From supermarkets to hotels as well as shops, cafés, restaurants and many other locations, use Apple Pay everywhere contactless payments are accepted

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An easier way to pay within apps
An easier way to pay within apps
You can also make easy and secure purchases in all kinds of apps, including apps on Apple Watch, using Apple Pay

Checking out is as simple as placing your finger on Touch ID

You can also donate to your favourite charities with a single touch

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And now an easier way to pay on the web
And now an easier way to pay on the web
Now the convenience of using Apple Pay in shops and within apps is available on the web in Safari

Whether you’re shopping or donating on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, use Apple Pay without having to create an account or log in

Touch ID is also available on MacBook Pro, so paying happens with just a touch and is quicker, easier and more secure than ever before

Safe & Secure

Here's why Apple Pay is the easy and safe way to make payments
The safer way to pay
Apple Pay uses a device account number and unique transaction code

Your card number is never stored on your device or by Apple and  is never shared with retailers

Keep your purchases private
Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you

Your most recent purchases are kept in Wallet for your convenience, but that’s as far as it goes

Peace of mind
You take your devices everywhere. Which means you might leave them anywhere

The Find My iPhone app helps you find your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

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