Saving big dogs in great need

Simon Grundy, Commercial Underwriter with The Cumberland
Simon is a Commercial Underwriter with The Cumberland, based at his home in Chorley. In his spare time, he is a trustee and treasurer of Saving Saints Rescue.

The charity rescues large breed dogs like St Bernards, Newfoundlands and Romanian Shepherds, from all over the world and finds them loving homes. Some are rescued from ‘kill shelters’ in countries where there is no rescue system, and from the dog-meat trade in China.

Simon says: “Our volunteers will go along and rescue the dogs from the shelter and house them, and make contact with groups in the UK like ours and ask if we can take them and board them and fund the costs of transporting them to the UK and put them in kennels for assessment.

“Their work is completely voluntary. Last year we rescued 147 dogs from around the world and the UK.”

He adds, they run the charity on just £25,000 per year. “We take nothing out of it. We pay for kennel fees and transporting dogs from abroad.”

Although it can be upsetting, Simon says the work is very rewarding.

“The pay-off is knowing that this dog came from an awful background and when the new owners come back to you in three months with a lot of lovely photos showing the dog running round the garden with their children,” he says.

“Sometimes because of ill treatment these dogs are cowering in the corner, or they won’t move out of a crate or a room. After five months they come out of themselves, and they are loving and friendly.”

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