Business banking calculator

Which option is best for you? Use our online calculator to work out which account option would be best for your business and how much money you could save by switching your banking to us

If you are an established business, enter your most recent quarter's transaction activity into the fields below to compare us to your current bank. You should find your transaction activity information on the charges summary from your bank.

If you are looking to set up a business, enter a full quarter's transaction activity based on your best projections to see how much it would cost with the Cumberland.

Depending on your overall type of transaction activity, either Option A or Option B will be your most suitable account. See which one is right for you...

All figures required are numbers, unless stated as currency (£)

Credits to your account Opt A Opt B
Payments from your account Opt A Opt B
Current arrangements (leave blank if you are a start up business) Opt A Opt B
Quarterly Charge Annual Charge Year 1 Saving FREE Banking Year 2 Saving Year 3 Saving Total 3 Year Saving
Opt A
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Your current charge

(1) Maximum 5 cheques allowed per credit (2) Automated transactions. All other chargeable transactions above are manual.

Charges are calculated quarterly at the end of March, June, September and December and are deducted from accounts on or around the 26th day of the following month. The Society reserves the right to vary the above charges for high volume accounts (over £250,000 credit turnover). The charges shown are provided for illustration purposes only based on the transaction activity you have entered. The actual charges made by Cumberland Building Society will depend on future transaction activity on your account. Our charging tariff is correct at 1 July 2018.

Which account is right for your business?

Option A
Option A
For businesses with a high proportion of cash and cheque transactions

Higher automated transaction charges

Lower manual transaction charges
Higher credit interest
Monthly fee
Option B
Option B
For businesses with a high proportion of electronic transactions

Free automated transactions

Higher manual transaction charges
Lower credit interest
Monthly fee

CASS.pngCurrent Account Switch Guarantee

We have designed the Current Account Switch Service to let you switch your current account from one bank or building society to another in a simple, reliable and stress-free way. It will only take seven working days.

As your new current-account provider we offer the following guarantee:

  • The service is free to use and you can choose and agree your switch date with us.
  • We will take care of moving all your payments going out (for example, your Direct Debits and standing orders) and those coming in (for example, your salary).
  • If you have money in your old account, we will transfer it to your new account on your switch date.
  • We will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. We will also contact the sender and give them your new account details.
  • If there are any issues in making the switch, we will contact you before your switch date.
  • If your new bank or building society agrees, bank accounts that include an overdraft can switch using the Current Account Switch Service. And if you’d like to have an overdraft with your new bank account, speak to your new bank or building society before starting your switch. Your new bank or building society will be able to advise if you’re eligible for an overdraft, dependent on their lending criteria and your credit status.
  • Crystal_Mark_Small.pngIf anything goes wrong with the switch, as soon as we are told, we will refund any interest (paid or lost) and charges made on either your old or new current accounts as a result of this failure.