Worried about my current account

Keeping an eye on your incomings and outgoings is a great way to help during difficult times and there are some simple steps you can take to keep your current account healthy.

  1. Pay in sufficient funds

    Ensure you have paid sufficient cleared funds into your account to cover any direct debit and standing order payments. Make sure you have the funds in your account no later than 3.30pm on the day the payments are due to be made.

  2. More than one account?

    If you keep funds in more than one account, transfer these all into the account from which you make your regular payments.

  3. Checking your statement

    Check your statements regularly. Keep a record of your debit card payments and make a note of the dates when your Direct Debit, Standing Order and Internal Transfer payments are due. Take these transactions into consideration when checking your available funds. Debit card transactions are not always reflected immediately in the available account balance.

    Checking your balance
  4. Use internet banking or mobile app

    Both are a great way to manage and check your money any time of the day from anywhere.

    Check out internet banking
  5. Change your funding

    Change how your account is funded. For example, changing the method or source of funding and the timing of these.

  6. Change your payment dates

    Change Direct Debit, standing order payments and internal transfers so they occur at a better time. For example after you have been paid, or change to an alternative payment method.

  7. Check your cheques

    Keep a record of any cheques you have written and when they’ve been paid, so you know the amount of available funds in your account.

    Cheque clearance times
  8. Review your overdraft

    If you have an unarranged overdrawn balance that you can’t repay, we can discuss this with you before you continue to use your current account.

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Are you worried about money?
Are you worried about money?

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