CBS Charitable Foundation

In addition to our Kinder Kind of Kitchens giving, another way we deliver on our ‘kinder banking’ purpose is through our CBS Charitable Foundation.

This supports individual requests for funding in our communities and spreads kindness in all sorts of ways.

In 2022/2023 alone, the foundation donated £24,424 to support 154 community groups and charitable causes.

  • Funding criteria

    The fund looks to support charitable organisations in our operating area which support the following causes:

    • Health and Wellbeing – providing a physical or social benefit to those involved
    • Vulnerability – providing a clear benefit to vulnerable people either directly or indirectly via local support, groups and organisations
    • Financial Wellbeing and Education – supporting the improvement of financial literacy

    This fund doesn’t provide funding for:

    • Organisations outside of our operating area
    • Applications which have received a donation in the last six to twelve months
    • Trips and holidays
    • Events that have already occurred
    • Sensitive, controversial or harmful requests, or those that could be a conflict of interest
    • Political or pressure organisations
    • Anything that could cause offensive or harm to ourselves or other people
    • Running costs including salaries and capital expenditure
    • Individuals further education/tuition/course fees

  • Apply for up to £250

    Our branches support community groups and charitable causes with donations of up to £250 which are considered and awarded on an individual basis by our branch teams themselves.

    This amount of £250 is to ensure that our funding is spread fairly throughout our region.

    To apply for a donation of up to £250 all you need to do is call into your local branch with an outline of your request in writing.

    Alternatively, you can apply online here.

    When we receive this, we'll let you know when you will receive a response or if we require any more supporting information.

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