Managing Your Business Current Account

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Everything you’d expect from a bank account, without the bank. Be more than a number with the Cumberland. The full range of banking services works on the following devices:

Computers & laptops
On PCs, Apple and other devices using most popular operating systems and browsers
On Apple, Android and other devices using most popular operating systems and browsers
On Apple, Android, Windows and other devices using most popular operating systems and browsers


What you can do

View balances and transactions
You can check out the balances of your current account, savings accounts and mortgage and transactions of your current accounts and some savings accounts
View statements
You can view and download eStatements for your current accounts
Transfer money between your accounts
You can transfer money between your Cumberland accounts
Make payments
You can send money to suppliers and other companies to pay your bills. Payments can be one-off, regular at a frequency of your choice or in batches
With SecureCall protection
Manage payments & Direct Debits
You can view and delete future payments and Direct Debits set up on your current account
Manage text alerts
You can choose to receive alerts to your mobile phone by text message when your Internet Banking access has been potentially compromised
For security, when your Internet Banking Access Code has been changed and access suspended
Manage your card abroad
SecureCard: help protect your money from overseas
Most of our customers are in the UK most of the the year. Your card cannot be used abroad by you or anybody else until you tell us you are travelling and intend to use it while away. You can manage your trips abroad in Internet Banking
Manage users
For business with employees or partners
Access to to Internet Banking can be given to your employees or business partners, and as the primary user, you can manage and monitor what each user can do in Internet Banking


Making your life that little bit easier. Available for iPhone and Android phones

Balance Peek
You can quickly check out the balances of your accounts without even logging on to the app
View balances and transactions
You can check out the balances of your current account, savings accounts and mortgage and transactions of your current accounts and some savings accounts
Transfer money between accounts
You can transfer money between your Cumberland accounts
Designated Primary Users only
Make payments
You can send money to friends, family and firms to pay your bills.
Payments can be one-off or regular at a frequency of your choice. Designated Primary Users only
Manage your card abroad
SecureCard: to help protect your money from fraud abroad
Your card cannot be used abroad until you tell us you are travelling overseas. You can manage your trips abroad in Internet Banking. Designated Primary Users only
Pay2Mobile mobile payments
Send & receive money using a mobile number with Pay2Mobile
It is part of Paym, which connects over 40m current accounts and mobile numbers in the UK. For when cash isn’t to hand and sharing account details is a hassle. Designated Primary Users only
Touch ID
Log on quickly and securely using just your fingerprint
iPhone 5s and later


Available for iPhone and Android phones

iPhone on App Store
Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Android on Google Play
Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Xero Accounting Software

We've partnered with Xero Accounting Software to help you manage your accounts

How it works
Xero’s cloud-based accounting packages allow businesses to manage their finances from anywhere, at any time, and now all the Cumberland’s business banking users can sign up to have their account transactions automatically imported into the software. If you have a Cumberland Business current account you can sign up for the Xero direct bank feed and have your transactions sent automatically to your Xero account, every working day. This will give you an up to date view of your financial position and save you time reconciling your accounts


Pay2Mobile is part of Paym, a payments service which allows Cumberland business current account customers to receive money simply and securely using just a mobile phone number. Paym connects the current accounts and mobile phone numbers of over 40 million customers of the participating banks and building societies. So, when you need to exchange money with someone but cash isn’t to hand, sharing account details is a hassle or you may need to use a cheque, Pay2Mobile could be the answer

How to use Pay2Mobile
To use Pay2Mobile you just need a Cumberland current account with Internet Banking and have your mobile phone number recorded with us
Receiving money
You just link your mobile phone number to your Cumberland current account via Internet Banking
Your customers can then send money to you using just your mobile phone number
Your customers sending money
They can send you up to £500 (per day) with Pay2Mobile in our Mobile Banking app. Payments are secure and free
Our Mobile Banking app works on iPhones and AndroidTM smartphones. You do not need the app to receive money


Our Visa debit card can be used at home and abroad to buy things and withdraw cash

To pay
When paying in shops and restaurants anywhere you see the Visa logo or Contactless symbol
Also online where websites allow card payments (sometimes with Verified by Visa protection)
Apple Pay
An easier way to pay in shops, apps and on the web
Pay with your Cumberland debit card with just a touch
You can also withdraw cash and print mini-statements at any Cumberland ATM
And withdraw cash at any LINK and Visa ATM in world


How we help to make your money safe and secure

Protecting your money from online fraud
SecureCall is a fraud prevention feature of internet banking, a service which contacts you by phone to confirm it is you making payments from your account
Protecting your money from fraud abroad
Your card cannot be used abroad until you tell us you are travelling overseas, meaning your money is even safer from foreign fraud
Verified By Visa (VbV)
Protecting your money from fraud
VbV is a service we provide with Visa which provides password protection, helping prevent another person using your Visa debit card online
How To Protect Yourself
Keeping yourself and your money safe
We do a lot to help protect you from fraud; so take 5 minutes to read our top tips on what you can do to protect yourself even better from fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Verified By Visa
    What is Verified by Visa?

    Verified by Visa (VbV) is a free service provided by Visa and Cumberland Building Society which provides password protection and helps prevent another person using your Visa debit card online at participating VbV online retailers.

    How does VbV work?

    Once you have registered and created a password, each time you make an online purchase via participating retailers you will be asked for your VbV password, just like entering your PIN at an ATM. When you enter your password, your card details are checked to confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase is completed.

    How do I register for VbV?

    You can register your Cumberland Visa debit card(s) for the VbV service here or when prompted whilst making a purchase at a VbV participating retailer. You will be sent a One Time Passcode (OTP) via text message to your mobile phone. You will need to enter this code online to set up a VbV password and complete your VbV registration.

    Click here to open a leaflet in PDF format to find out more about the Verified by Visa One Time Passcode.

    What if I have questions during the VbV registration process?

    The registration process is very straightforward. However, if you have any questions, or need assistance, you should contact our Customer Service Team on the number below.

    What is an OTP?

    OTP is an additional security feature, where you will receive a unique 6 digit code via text message to your mobile phone when you register your Visa debit card for the VbV service for the first time or if you need to reset your existing VbV password. You will be required to enter this 6 digit code online to complete your registration or password reset.

    Why do you need my mobile number?

    So we can send you the OTP by text to enable you to continue shopping online at participating VbV online retailers. This is especially important if you:

    • have not already registered your Visa debit card for the VbV service or;
    • need to reset your existing VbV password or;
    • cancel or lose your existing Visa debit card and are issued with a replacement card with a different card number.
    What if I am already registered for VbV?

    You can continue to shop online at participating retailers, however, if you need to reset your VbV password we will need your current mobile number to send you the OTP by text to enable you to continue shopping online.

    Can I register for VbV or reset my VbV password if you do not have my mobile number?

    No. We need to send the OTP via text to your mobile phone.

    What if I change my mobile number?

    You must advise us of your new number as soon as possible.

    How can I contact you to provide my mobile number or check the mobile number you have is correct?

    If you have not provided us with your mobile number or your mobile number has changed and you are unsure if the number we have recorded for you is correct, please call into your local branch or call our Customer Service Team on the number below for details on how to update your mobile number.

    Will the OTP expire and what if it does?

    The OTP will expire 10 minutes after you have started the registration or reset password process. If it expires,you will have to begin the process again.

    What happens if I enter the OTP incorrectly?

    If you enter your OTP incorrectly, you will have a further attempt before your Visa debit card is blocked from online purchases at participating VbV retailers. To unblock your card please call our Customer Service Team on the number below.

    What happens if I receive a text message with a OTP I have not requested?

    Please advise us of this by calling our Customer Service Team on the number below or call into your local branch.

    What if I have a business and a personal account?

    The OTP will be sent to the mobile number that is linked to your personal account.

    What if I only have a business account?

    The OTP will be sent to the mobile number that is linked to your personal details.

    Which Cumberland Visa debit cards can I register for VbV?

    We encourage you to register all of your Cumberland Visa debit cards, including business debit cards, if applicable. There is no limit to how many cards you can register.

    If my Cumberland account is a joint account or is a business account, how do we register the cards?

    VbV protects each individual Visa debit card. Each cardholder on an account must register their own card, using their own mobile number and set up different VbV passwords.

    What happens if I cancel or lose my Visa debit card and receive a replacement card with a different card number?

    You will need to register your new card. Please refer to the process outlined in question 3.

    Can I start shopping with my VbV password as soon as I register?

    Yes. You can use your VbV password immediately after successfully completing your registration.

    How do I use my VbV password?

    When you make a purchase online at a VbV participating retailer, your VbV password will be requested. After reviewing the details of your purchase and confirming that your personal message is correct, simply enter your VbV password to complete your purchase.

    What is a personal message?

    This is a message that you create during registration for the VbV service. It must be different to your VbV password. Once you’ve completed your registration, each time you make an online purchase you will be asked to enter your VbV password. In this screen, you’ll see your personal message, which is your assurance that the screen you are seeing is genuine. If this is incorrect, or if no personal message is displayed, you should not enter your VbV password, but should instead contact our Customer Service Team on the number below.

    Can I create the same VbV password for all of my Visa debit cards?

    We strongly recommend each Visa debit card has its own unique VbV password so it is protected individually. You should select a password that will be easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. The password must be between 6 and 10 characters in length and contain at least one number.

    What happens if I forget or need to change my VbV password?

    Go to the registration site and click the reset password link. Alternatively, you can change your password on screen when shopping online. You will be unable to reset your password if we do not have a record of your current mobile number.

    Can I make purchases at retailers that do not participate in the VbV service?

    Yes. You will not be asked for your VbV password at these retailers. To complete your purchase, simply follow the checkout process on screen.

  • SecureCall
    What is SecureCall?

    A fraud prevention feature of Cumberland Internet Banking which contacts you by phone to confirm it is you making certain payments from your accounts.

    Why have you introduced SecureCall?

    Cumberland Internet Banking is designed to protect you and your money from fraud, and SecureCall gives you even more protection.

    How will SecureCall protect my money?

    In the unlikely event of a fraudster obtaining your internet banking logon details and gaining access to your accounts online, they would not have enough information to move money out of your accounts.

    How does SecureCall work?

    When a payment is being made from one of your accounts in internet banking to another person or company you have not paid before, you will receive an automated phone call to confirm that it is actually you making the payment. The call will confirm the details of the payment and give you a code to enter into internet banking.

    That payee is then recognised and you will not have to authenticate them again for future payments unless the amount being sent is above a certain value.

    Will I benefit from SecureCall even though I have never, or very rarely, make payments in internet banking?

    Yes. Whether or not you make payments in internet banking, SecureCall will go a long way to making sure your money is secure.

    On which phone number will I be called?

    When you register for SecureCall you will be able to specify up to 3 different phone numbers on which you can receive calls. Typically this will be numbers for your home, work and mobile phones.

    When making a payment, you will be able choose whichever number is most appropriate for you at the time.

    It is important that you only register numbers which you can be contacted on directly. So for example, do not use numbers which are first answered by a switchboard or automated queuing service. We also suggest that you do not use numbers on which calls are recorded.

    You can register international numbers, but not premium rate numbers (e.g. starting 09).

    After returning my SecureCall registration form, how soon will it be before I am protected?

    We will normally register you on the day we receive your registration form, and will contact you by secure message in internet banking to let you know as soon as you are protected.

    Can I still use internet banking to make payments to existing and new payees before I am registered?


    Will there be a charge for this service?

    No, although your mobile service provider may charge you for receiving a call when you are abroad.

    What should I do if I receive a SecureCall call for a payment I am not making?

    End the SecureCall call by hanging up and call our Customer Service Team on 01228 403141 (00 44 1228 403141 from outside the UK) straight away to report the details. If you are calling us outside opening hours, leave your contact details on our answer service and we will get in touch the next bank working day.

    I have a disability that may prevent me from using this service, what can I do?

    To use SecureCall, you will need to be able to receive a call from us, confirm the details read out and then enter a code into internet banking. If you are unable to do this then please visit your local branch or contact us by other means and we will arrange the payment for you.

  • Contactless Cards
    How will my card work with contactless functionality?

    Check that the contactless symbol is displayed on or around the payment terminal and as long as the total value of the items being purchased is £30 or less, you will have the option to carry out a contactless payment. To make the payment, simply touch or tap your card on the payment terminal and if the payment has been successful, the terminal will confirm payment by either sounding a beep or displaying an approved message.

    If the contactless symbol is not present on the payment terminal, can I still use my card?

    Yes. If Visa Debit cards are accepted by the retailer, you can still make Chip and PIN payments as normal.

    Can I still use my Visa Debit card if the value of my items purchased is greater than £30?

    Yes, but the payment terminal will automatically request that you undertake a Chip and PIN payment.

    Can I still use my contactless Visa Debit card if I do not want to carry out any contactless payments?

    Yes. You can continue to make payments of any value using Chip and PIN.

    Are there occasions when I will be required to enter a PIN during a payment?

    You will be required to enter a PIN when making your first payment at a retailer following receipt of your contactless Visa Debit card to verify the card. Occasionally, when making a contactless payment, you will be asked to enter your PIN as extra security.

    Can I get cash back, receive a refund and continue to use an ATM using my contactless Visa Debit card?

    Yes, though these requests will continue to occur as Chip and PIN transactions.

    Can I get a receipt for my contactless payment?

    This may vary dependent on the individual payment terminal; some will print a receipt, but others may not and you would have to request this from the individual retailer.

    What happens if my contactless payment is declined?

    The payment terminal will notify you that the payment has been declined and you should then be prompted to pay by an alternative method.

    Will I be able to use my contactless Visa Debit card abroad?

    Yes, you can make contactless payments wherever you see the contactless symbol, but please note that for your security outside the UK it may not be possible to make contactless payments in some circumstances, such as on transport systems (eg. buses and trains), at road tolls or vending machines. You can also still use your card for Chip and PIN payments when abroad. Please remember, Cumberland Visa Debit cards are unable to be used outside the UK unless you inform us of the dates and destination of your travel.

    How do I inform you to be able to use my card abroad?

    You can inform us within the Other Services section in Internet Banking, selecting the Using My Card Abroad option or by calling our Customer Service Team.

    Will contactless payments look different on my statement?

    No. Contactless debit card payments will appear in the same way as other debit card payments do.

    What happens if I walk by or stand next to a contactless terminal, could I accidentally make a payment without realising?

    No. Your card must be held very close to the front of the payment terminal at the time that payment is requested. Always remove your card from your wallet before using it at contactless payment terminals. This avoids the payment being taken from another card in your wallet if you have more than one contactless card.

    What happens if my contactless Visa Debit card is lost or stolen?

    Call our Customer Service Team immediately. If you are calling outside the Society’s normal opening hours it is important that you leave a message on the automated service. Your liability for any fraudulent payments will cease at that point, unless you are deemed to have acted negligently in any way.

    Can I use my contactless card on Transport for London (TfL)?

    Yes. Contactless cards can already be used to travel on London bus services and the London Underground, the tram, the DLR (Docklands Light Railway), London Overground and most National Rail services in London.

    How will my contactless card work on Transport for London (TfL)?

    Your contactless card will be authorised each day when you begin your first journey. You can then perform multiple trips during that day with a total fare for all journeys debited from your account at the end of the day. Additionally, fare capping, which will cap the amount you will pay when using your contactless debit card for multiple journeys in a single day or a week (from Monday to Sunday), could apply when travelling on TfL. Please click for full details on how Tfl fare capping works.

    Do I need to register for an online account with TfL to be able to use my contactless debit card?

    No. You do not need to register for an online account to use your contactless card on the TfL services but there are benefits to doing so such as having a record of your last 12 months travel. The main benefit of registering for an account is that if you start a journey and your contactless card is declined you will receive an email notification indicating the reason for the decline. If your card is declined, you can complete the journey, but will not be able to make another journey until your card issues are resolved. If you are not able to tap your card at the end of your journey, for example because the station gates have been opened, you may be charged a maximum fare for that journey; this can be refunded if you have a TfL online account.

    Please click for full details on Transport for London contactless payments.
  • Pay2Mobile
    How do you know what my mobile number is?

    Before receiving payments, you must make sure we have your current mobile phone number. You can register one mobile phone number to use with Pay2Mobile.

    Which of my accounts will receive payments sent to me?

    You can select the account you want payments to go to in Internet Banking, and you can change this at any time.

    What about joint accounts?

    If you have a joint current account, all holders of the account can register their own mobile phone number to use Pay2Mobile.

    What if money is sent to the wrong mobile number?

    When somebody is sending a payment, it is vital that the recipient’s mobile number and the amount is correct. We will not be liable if the money is sent to the wrong person or for the wrong amount, but we’ll do our best to try to help you regain the money.

    Before sending money, Pay2Mobile will show you the name of the person whose mobile number you have entered to allow you to check that it matches your intended recipient.

    How will I know when I receive a Pay2Mobile payment and who the money is from?

    Payments will be credited to your chosen account in the same way as any other payment. The description entered by the person sending the money will be visible on your statements which can be viewed in internet and mobile banking and on mini-statements from Cumberland cash machines.

    Will I be charged for receiving money by Pay2Mobile?

    No, we will not charge you to receive payments.

    Can people send me money through Pay2Mobile on any mobile phone?

    Pay2Mobile works on Android smartphones and iPhones. Pay2Mobile should not be used on rooted or jailbroken devices (i.e. a handset which has had its default operating system restrictions removed). See our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions for more information.

    What do I do if my mobile number changes after I have set up Pay2Mobile?

    You need to call our Customer Service Team or visit a branch.

    How long will a payment sent to me take to appear in my account?

    A payment sent to you via Pay2Mobile will typically be credited to your account at the same speed as other online payments.

    Are payments safe and secure?

    The service has been developed by the participating UK banks and building societies to meet with their high security levels.

    Is my personal information safe?

    Yes, your details are held securely, and are fully protected by data protection laws.


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