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Our aim is simple, to support the great work of local community groups, voluntary organisations, non-profit organisations, charities and schools from across our region.
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Supporting our local communities

Our branch teams look at a wide range of applications from right across the region, each of which, we consider individually. We do this because, what really matters to us is making sure we support a wide variety of projects benefitting all areas and aspects of our local communities. Donations the branch team consider are usually up to £250. For us, making that positive difference is always at the back of our mind. So to help us in making any of our community decisions, we look closely at these three areas:

Health & Wellbeing
Does the request offer a physical and/or social benefit to those involved?
Our aim in making donations around health and wellbeing is to ensure that those we’re supporting, develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes, which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.
Vulnerability has many forms.
Our aim in making donations around vulnerability is to ensure that there is a clear benefit to those we’re supporting, either directly or indirectly, via local support groups and organisations.
Financial Education
Does the request support the improvement of financial literacy?
Our aim in making donations towards financial education activities/initiatives is to ensure that we help those we’re supporting develop the skills and knowledge that not only help them to improve how they manage their day to day finances, but also how to make better financial decisions now and in the future.

Applying for funding

  • How much can you apply for?

    To ensure that our funding is spread fairly throughout our region, our branch teams can make donations up to £250.

    However, larger grants maybe considered through our Charitable Foundation Fund. Further details on this fund can be found by clicking this **link**.

  • How to apply for a donation

    To apply for a donation of up to £250 all you need to do is call into your local branch with an outline of your request in writing.

    Alternatively, you can email your request through to our Community Team click here .

    When we receive your request, we'll let you know when you will receive a response or if we require any more supporting information.

  • Types of requests we're unable to support

    We generally don’t provide funding for:

    • Organisations outside of our operating area;
    • Applications which have received a donation in the last six to twelve months;
    • Trips and holidays;
    • Events that have already occurred;
    • Sensitive, controversial or harmful requests, or those that could be a conflict of interest;
    • Political or pressure organisations;
    • Running costs including salaries and capital expenditure;
    • Individuals further education/tuition/course fees.

Becky Towns | CSR & Communications Executive

We want to make a genuine difference and build relationships that help make a positive difference to our customers, our communities and our people.

Becky Towns | CSR & Communications Executive

We also love to get our hands dirty and get involved!

Whether it's organising a delicious bake sale or a spot of gardening, our teams are fantastic when it comes to supporting and helping our local communities.

Community Day:

Each year, we offer everyone the opportunity to take a community day. This gives our teams the chance to go out and spend time supporting a charity or organisation of their choice.

They can do this individually, with others from their own team or even better, join forces with others from across the business. It's not only a fantastic way to help a local good cause, but a really nice way to get to know team mates better outside of the day to day, office environment.

What's brilliant to see when people use their community day is how much this benefits them and the people they are helping. It's definitely something we're really proud of!

If your group or organisation are looking for volunteers, get in touch by emailing our Community Team and see if it's something we might be able to help with.


We also love to get regularly involved with a wide variety of fundraising activities to help local good causes within our communities.

And finally...

Keep an eye out for the latest updates on all things community.

We'll keep you updated here and across our social channels of some our latest donations and some of the exciting things that our teams have been up to. Whether it's taking advantage of their community day to help with local good causes or getting involved in local fundraising activities.

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