Tony Martin

Tony Martin has been a mortgage and protection advisor for The Cumberland in Barrow for 15 years and says he feels privileged to be in a role where he helps people with a huge milestone in their lives.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I’m proud to work for the Cumberland as we have an excellent reputation. We help people achieve their goals and get them a deal that more often than not can’t be beaten anywhere else.

I get a lot of satisfaction from being the person to facilitate the purchase of a dream property for a customer – it’s a real honour.

Does local knowledge help you in your role?

Yes, if someone says ‘where’s this house?’, I know exactly where it is. I’m a local lad, people like that. I’m no nonsense, professional, approachable and straightforward.

How has the housing market changed in Barrow?

There have certainly been many more housing developments, but many of those have been what I would consider to be premium houses. In the current cost-of-living crisis some people are holding off from buying their first home, building up a bigger deposit and then going for something a bit bigger. A customer came to us yesterday for their first mortgage for a £165,000 house.

What do say to people planning a move to Barrow?

Sometimes the media give Barrow a hard time, but they are talking absolute nonsense. Windermere is only 40 minutes away, you’ve the Irish Sea, views to Isle of Man, a wonderful coast, including Walney with its nature reserves, and Furness Abbey.

There is so much. Some people’s idea of the best place to live is central London but I love it here. I have lived here all my life and couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.