Lisa Hodgson

Senior Sales Manager - Intermediary Lending

Having worked in the financial sector since leaving school, Lisa Hodgson supports intermediary relationship managers and support team who process mortgage applications for Holiday Let and Residential properties.

How is The Cumberland's intermediary offering different to other lenders?

Our manual underwriting is a niche offering as we can often help with applications other lenders decline - we don’t rely on computers to make a decision for us. Each customer is assigned a Relationship Manager who will support them throughout the process or support the broker introducing the application. It adds a human touch that is often missing in modern day banking.

Can you explain how mortgage applications are considered on a case-by-case basis?

We assess cases on an individual basis, as all customers' circumstances are different. There are often mitigating circumstances to why an application may not meet our lending criteria, and having the ability to inspect an application individually adds a human touch which our customers really appreciate. We work closely with underwriters to look at the context behind an application, instead of letting a computer decide for us!

What aspects of The Cumberland's intermediary journey are you most excited about?

I’m excited to see how we can grow our proposition with the market, as we have a great offering. We've built strong relationships with brokers, and I look forward to strengthening these and building new ones. We are a growing team with vast knowledge and expertise, which presents opportunities for us in the future.

What are your ambitions for the intermediary team?

I want to see the team continue to develop. We have a diverse team of skills and expertise, with some colleagues who are newer to the intermediary market, and others who have been in the industry for years. Further, I would like to see our profile grow internally and for the wider business to recognise the opportunity we have to grow our business within the market. My long term ambition is for The Cumberland to continue to grow as a national lender, and to be recognised as first choice for Holiday Let and Residential mortgages.

Can you tell us about your own career journey?

I worked for a high street bank for several years since leaving school, so the industry is all I’ve ever known as an adult. I worked in the branch network for 13 years before moving into our Intermediary team almost 2 years ago. I have managed every branch on the West Coast during my time at the Cumberland which I’m very proud of. My branch experience played a huge part of my success, and I’ll never forget the people who helped me along the way.

For more information on how our Intermediary team can support you, visit our Intermediaries page.

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