Kevin Aitken

Intermediary Relationship Manager

Having been at The Cumberland for over 20 years, Kevin's role as an Intermediary Relationship Manager ensures he is the single point of contact for brokers, helping to process cases by working closely with underwriters.

How does The Cumberland's intermediary offering differ to other lenders?

Brokers will look at their system which has a list of mortgage pricings, as well as the lending criteria required. After seeing The Cumberland’s offer they will then contact the Intermediary Team who will assess each application.

The application process for The Cumberland is different to other lenders, as our underwriters review them personally. You get a lot of cases which don’t tick all the boxes, however, we will look at the bigger picture. We look into the context behind the case and make a more 'human' decision.

What advantages does the team provide for brokers?

Banks and other lenders who use automation as a first point of call will initially give a quicker response to an application by a day or so, but it lacks the common sense approach that our team adopts. We delve deeper into the case, assessing on an individual basis and asking the relevant questions. We avoid a computer says 'no' approach, which gives our customers added clarity and transparency.

What is your role in the intermediary team?

As a relationship manager I process and underwrite each case, as well as providing updates to brokers to ensure that our workflows are kept on timescale. With each case, I work closely with underwriters to assess each application on its own merits, as previously discussed. We keep in contact with brokers, building a strong, lasting relationships which benefits each party going in to the future.

What are your ambitions for the team?

We officially launched in September 2021, making us a relatively new team. I want to see the team become one of the strongest offerings in The Cumberland's repertoire, and to be seen as a key driver in the company's growth.

What is your backstory, from starting out in the industry to joining The Cumberland?

I have been at The Cumberland for over 20 years. I've worked my way up - I initially joined as a cashier, before becoming a mortgage advisor, then a branch manager, and then managing a team of mortgage advisors. Now, I am part of a growing intermediary team. I have plentiful experience in the sector, having experienced the financial crash in 2008 which had a lasting affect on the mortgage market.

What do you enjoy about working for The Cumberland?

I’ve been here for a long time, and especially over the past 5 years there has been a real focus on people. Our values and purpose are not just words - everything we do evolves around Kinder Banking. Having been here for over 20 years, I have been able to see the natural progression of the organisation.

For more information on how our Intermediary team can support you, visit our Intermediaries page.

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