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If customer loyalty is the true measure of the quality of holiday accommodation, then A Corner of Eden must be among the best around.

Following the announcement that the Bank of England would hold the base rate at 0.1%, we were keen to explore what this means for hospitality businesses today and into the future. So we spoke to Richard Andrew, Head of Accounting at Armstrong Watson LLP, to find out more.

Last week’s Budget announcement saw the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announce some important new changes which will affect hospitality and leisure businesses, with several additions to be aware of if you are running an enterprise within the sector.

We recently spoke with representatives from different areas of the hospitality sector to explore their perspectives on some of the current issues affecting the UK hospitality market.

Brampton Golf Club has bounced back from its enforced closure during lockdown and says the business is in the best shape it has been for over 25 years.

We have recently made some positive changes to our holiday let mortgage product range offered throughout the UK, including the introduction of a 60% LTV tier.

When Richard and Debbie Greaves first set eyes on the run-down tenant farm near Ravenstonedale they did not see the ramshackle buildings that had led so many others to dismiss the property, but instead saw the potential to create a beautiful base for holidays between the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District.

Our latest survey on the UK holiday market has revealed that 86% of holiday accommodation owners say they have invested in their business during the pandemic, with 94% saying they have made a long‐lasting, positive change.

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