Homes for Ukraine

The situation in the Ukraine has touched all our hearts and we support the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, enabling people and businesses to offer Ukrainian refugees a place to stay. We are making the process simple to allow mortgage customers to become a sponsor.

A simple process for Cumberland Mortgage Customers

If you have signed up to become a sponsor or have already welcomed a Ukrainian Refugee into your home, you do not need to inform us. We ask that you fully comply with the guidance and documentations set out in Government guidance and any restrictions on your property, by following this guidance you have our consent to take part in the scheme.

The scheme is not suitable for everyone; if any of the below applies to you the scheme may not be suitable for you at this time.

  • Struggling to make your mortgage payment or think you may struggle in the future
  • Currently in arrears/litigation with your mortgage payment/mortgage
  • Have been in arrears during the last 6 months
  • Your circumstances are changing in the next 6 months

Everyone taking part in the scheme should consider how this may affect their individual financial circumstances. Maintaining your mortgage payment is essential, so we ask you to think carefully before becoming a sponsor as this may affect your ability to make your mortgage payment.

Thank you for supporting the vital Homes for Ukraine scheme and you can find out more about our commitment to supporting the Ukraine here.

  • Government Guidance

    For up to date government guidance regarding Homes for Ukraine please click the links below.

  • What is the Homes for Ukraine scheme?

    Ukrainians and their immediate families will be offered safe homes in the UK thanks to a new UK government scheme. Launched on 18 March 2022, ‘Homes for Ukraine’ allows individuals and organisations (sponsors) in the UK to open their homes to Ukrainians fleeing their country.

  • How do I apply to be a sponsor?

    If you wish to host Ukrainian refugees at your home you can register your interest on the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine site.

    If you already have a tight family budget, think carefully before applying to be a sponsor. If you have any money concerns refer to Money Helper for impartial guidance.