Kinder Banking - Working hard to keep your money safe

Did you know: If your card is lost or stolen, you should report this to us immediately by calling us on 01228 403141 or by completing this form. If you call us out of hours, it is important that you leave a message on the answer machine. By doing so your liability for any fraudulent transactions ends at that point.

A real person – only a phone call away

Our Customer Service team are the real people behind the 01228 403141 number that keep your banking experience running smoothly. They are the first point of contact for many customers who prefer or choose to speak with us over the phone or by email for regular banking enquiries. They also liaise closely with other departments including the Financial Crime team when dealing with banking fraud.

Our customer service advisers are always on the look-out for anything suspicious or unusual and adhere to strict fraud prevention guidelines and procedures. For example, don’t be surprised if your adviser asks you to answer some security questions before they can discuss your account, its all part of the fraud protection safeguard.

Protecting our customers is something we take seriously and is a core value of Kinder Banking. When you call the team, you can be assured that they are there to help. On the odd occasion that they might need to contact you, Olivia from the team has some good advice:

“Spoof phone calls do happen. On the occasions where we do call a customer, if you are uneasy or unsure that it’s us, we are more than happy for you to call us back on our regular number to give you peace of mind. It’s always better to be safe.”

If you prefer to visit us in branch…

For customers who prefer to bank in-person, our teams on your high street are available to help with questions at your local branch. If you spot a suspicious transaction or anything unusual on your account, please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can place a stop on your card and prevent any further fraudulent transactions from taking place.

If you believe that you have been the victim of fraud, your adviser will fill in a document which is then accessed by our Financial Crime team who will review the case. This is standard procedure and covers some basic questions which are required in order to ascertain the nature of the fraud and provide details to our team of exactly what happened.

Things we’ll never do:

  • Ask for your PIN, internet banking details or one-time passcodes.
  • Send someone to your house to collect cash, bank cards or anything else.
  • Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds away from your Cumberland accounts to anything described as ‘safe accounts’.
  • Ask for a One Time Passcode (OTP) to cancel a transaction or authorise a refund.

Things we WILL do:

  • If we spot unusual transactions on your account, we’ll contact you by phone or text to check these with you. We are aware that you may be uneasy receiving this type of call or message and will be more than happy for you to kindly end the call and give us a ring back on 01228 403141 to verify that the contact was genuine.
  • We may need to send a One Time Passcode (OTP) to your mobile number when you’re shopping online. It is therefore very important that we have your up-to-date telephone number on our records. You can update your contact details in branch, via Internet Banking, or by calling us on 01228 403141.
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