Darren Kelton

IT Service Desk Manager

I am responsible for the day-to-day IT support of all of the group's people and systems, IT operations processing and also our initial cyber incident response.

Best Bits

My favourite thing about working at The Cumberland is the people and the friendships I have built over the 20 years I have been here. I met my wife through working here and have made friends for life. As well as close friends I have very good relationships with the huge variety of people I interact with on a daily basis.

My role is challenging but extremely rewarding particularly given we work in a service department. The team and I take a lot of joy from helping people with issues they may be having and trying to make their day a little brighter in the process by having a laugh and a joke along the way.

It also gives me a huge amount of satisfaction seeing new members of the team develop and progress. Our people demonstrate our core values in the work that they do and it is rewarding to be part of their training and progression as they move through their career journey with the Cumberland.

Career Highlights

We have delivered a huge amount of projects and change during my time here however the one that stands out to me is the relocation of our Head Office from Carlisle City centre up to where we are now. The logistics and planning of that move were an immense and daunting task however with a huge amount of hard work, dedication and a bit of luck we were able to relocate all people and systems with minimal disruption. They finished work at our old head office and then the next morning started work at the new one and that is something I am very proud of, not just from a personal perspective but as a team.

Giving Back

Our community days are also very special. They give us the opportunity to help out organisations in the local area and the days I have spent gardening at Jigsaw hospice have been particularly rewarding. To see the difference we make and the work we are able to undertake for them reinforces how important this is and also highlights what a great group of people we work with.