Should I allow pets in my holiday let?

Published on
29 August 2018

Anthony Bottomley, Business Development Manager at Cumbrian Cottages talks about why you should consider letting pets in your holiday let business.

On average properties which accept pets see increased booking rates and higher owner incomes versus properties that don’t take pets.

In the UK overall, properties which accept pets have achieved 19% more weeks booked per year, meaning owner income of up to 20% more than properties which do not accept them.

In England itself, it means 20% more weeks booked per year on average and 22% owner income on average over non-pet properties.

The figures for Cumbria specifically show a 4% increase in weeks booked per year and an 18% increase in owner income over non-pet properties.

Additionally, pet properties bookings have achieved 7% more bookings on average compared to 2016 in Cumbria and the pet-accepting properties in the Lake District have achieved 8% more bookings compared to 2016.

This shows that not only does an owner achieve more weeks and bookings on average for accepting pets, but also more revenue (the 4% of extra weeks translating into 18% more income in Cumbria shows the willingness for customers to pay extra for pets in this key area).

We also see that pet properties are becoming more popular year on year as people seek to take their pets on holiday.

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