Photo sharing policy

Published on 1 July 2017

This policy outlines how images taken by Cumberland Building Society for marketing purposes will be used.

Cumberland Building Society (“The Cumberland”) may take photos of you or your organisation for marketing purposes, for example if we have sponsored your event and want to showcase our support.

1. Where will the image(s) be published?
Photos taken may be used on the Cumberland Building Society’s digital channels. This currently includes:

> Twitter
> Facebook
> Instagram
> LinkedIn

It is possible that other users of these social media platforms may share or repost this content on their own social media pages. The Cumberland Building Society is not responsible for this activity.

The photos may also be displayed on website of Cumberland Building Society and its subsidiaries, Cumberland Agents Limited, Cumberland Business, and Borderway Finance Limited, and any mobile phone applications published by The Cumberland.

The photos may be used in other printed and digital marketing material, including:

• Leaflets
• Poster and billboard advertising
• Print and digital media advertising
• Email newsletters
• Written correspondence
• In-branch promotional material

2. How can I remove my image from the above media?
If a photo of you is taken by The Cumberland for marketing purposes, it is assumed that it will be published on one of the above channels. However, you may request the photo be removed from the channel providing:

• The photo contains you, or a representative from your organisation; &
• You request for it to be taken down, or not published, either within one month of it being taken, or one month of it being first published.

You may request for the photo not to be published on either specific channels named in section one, or all forms of communication from The Cumberland.

We will only publish images of children aged 16 or under if we have prior consent.

In order to request a photo of yourself or your organisation, or representatives from your organisation to be taken down please send an email to

Make sure you include; your name, organisation, and details of the photo to be removed (include a link if possible), and which channels you would like it to be removed from.

3. Copyright
Photos taken by The Cumberland are subject to copyright and permission should be sought to publish them elsewhere.

4. Storage
Photographs taken of people and organisations during the course of marketing activity and contact information are stored by Cumberland Building Society.

The Cumberland is granted licence to copy, publish and otherwise exploit photographs that have been submitted to be used in the course of marketing, by Cumberland Building Society customers, organisations and individuals.