Nine things you can do to help boost the value of your home

Published on
23 August 2017

If you are selling your property these nine top tips should help you get ahead of the competition.

The Cumberland’s team of experts has sold thousands of local properties over the years and this is how you could sell your home quicker and for a better price.

1. Set the right price
You should be guided by the agent’s advice on this, but you can do your own research by comparing asking prices for similar properties. Once you’ve chosen your agent and set the asking price, make sure that your home is suitably prepared for viewings.

2. First impressions count
Make sure the front of your home, including the garden, is tidy and inviting.

3. Remove internal clutter
This makes rooms appear more spacious and allows buyers to imagine their furniture inside.

4. Improve paintwork
Fresh paint is cheap and will enhance the appearance of rooms.

5. Maximise natural light
This gives a more spacious feel. Open the curtains and let natural light into halls and landings.

6. Tone down interiors
Simple neutral decor often works best.

7. Arrange furniture to make rooms look more spacious
You may need to remove some by putting it in storage.

8. Add finishing touches
Display fresh flowers, play relaxing background music and if it’s cold, put the heating or fire on.

9. Be ready for viewings
Before each viewing your estate agent should tell you the viewer’s main requirements. This will allow you to highlight the most relevant selling points.

Is my estate agent pulling their weight?

A good agent should promptly follow up all viewings to encourage offers and give you feedback. You should respond to any negative feedback. This might influence the way your home is presented or, if a number of viewers comment that the asking price is too high, then you may decide to reduce it.

If you reduce the price, your agent should organise further press advertising and contact all previous viewers to inform them of the new price. Reducing the price may open up a whole new market for your home.

If you are thinking of selling, Cumberland Estate Agents offer an unrivalled service and extremely competitive fees.

Rachel Airey, Valuer, Cumberland Estate Agents

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