Cleaning and Household Products for Holiday Lets

Part 2: Top Tips and Trends
Published on
9 March 2021

Out of Eden supply the hospitality industry with toiletries, bedding, linen, housekeeping, cleaning and PPE products. They’ve been a key support to their customers throughout the pandemic, and below we ask them about some of the ways they’re working with the hospitality industry to help make staycations safe, once restrictions are lifted.


How have you supported the industry throughout this last year?

We make it our priority to source new products that are time and cost saving for customers like bedding protectors, bed linen that can be washed at higher temperatures and general professional grade cleaning products.

Something that has been key during the global pandemic is the introduction of BSEN1276 and BSEN14476 certified products to our range of cleaning products. A range of certified products which include anti-bacterial properties, effective against harmful viruses.

We have invested in smaller pack sizes to help customers manage their own stock levels and at a time of business stress manage their cash flow too.

To support our customers, we also have a private Facebook group - All UK Accommodation, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast Owners. This has been set-up with the aim of creating a community of accommodation providers where they can discuss the industry in general and provide support for others if they require help or advice. It is also a place where we occasionally add value by offering promotions on products and share information designed to help our customers with the running of their business.

Should holiday let owners use different cleaning products to those they used before COVID?

Are household cleaning products enough?

BSEN1276 and BSEN14476 certified products have been tested and proven to help in controlling the spread of COVID -19. Using these products offers peace of mind and assures business owners and their guests they have done all they can to help combat the spread of the virus.

Have you noticed any interesting new trends for hospitality management emerging in 2021?

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning has become the norm with particular attention to public areas, we envisage that in-depth cleaning procedures will be a big part of a businesses regime after the pandemic has passed. Our buying team are working hard to source products that help reduce cleaning time and cost while maintaining a high level of cleaning.

Time-saving gadgets

A great example of this is a new cordless vacuum cleaner, which can be worn on your back allowing you to move effortlessly from room to room, potentially saving several minutes cleaning time per room. Multiplied over the number of rooms within the business and then multiplied over the number of days used this represents a significant labour cost saving for the business.

We also noticed that pillow, duvet and mattress protectors grew in demand with business owners keen to offer further protection for their guests without adding extra pressures to busy time schedules.

What are your top tips for new holiday let owners, when setting up their business?

Where to start?

We have a great blog article that highlights the 10 essentials every holiday let property needs, which is a great starting point for making sure your guests are comfortable and happy.

Welcoming pets

A growing area within the hospitality sector is catering for furry guests. Many visitors now want to bring along their four-legged friends on holiday and our customers are finding that offering facilities for dogs (and sometimes cats) can lead to extra bookings. We have a great range of dog-friendly items including a cute little welcome pack containing a ball, some treats and some dog-waste bags.

Chatting to the experts

We also have a team of experts on hand to advise our customers of the benefits of our products that will save money and time while offering advice on items that can earn the business extra revenue, like minibars. Simply call the Out of Eden team on 01768 372939 and they will gladly talk through your needs and point you in the right direction.

We have lots of other great information on our blog with articles on things like choosing the right bedding, duvets and pillows for your beds, ensuring you have the right toiletries, how to stay sustainable and help the environment and much more. Check out our blog here.

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