Help us make 100 thank yous

Published on
16 May 2020

The Cumberland is embarking on a campaign to find 100 people across our region who symbolise the extraordinary response we have seen to the Covid-19 crisis.

We have been deeply impressed by the way our local communities have risen to this challenge and the acts of kindness that have been seen in all walks of life.

So we are asking for you to nominate the people we could recognise with a public thank you so that in future years people can look back and see how our communities coped with the historic challenge.

Tom Little, who is running the campaign, says: “We want to say thank you by telling the stories of 100 people from across our region who have gone the extra mile to help during this crisis. Their contribution can be great, such as our amazing nurses and care home staff, or smaller, such as ordinary people stepping up to help a neighbour.

“It could be saving lives, or simple acts of kindness which made the difference to someone in difficulty. We know there are many thousands of these heroes in our community right now.

“We want to highlight 100 of them to help us tell the story of our region’s response. They will represent everyone who has made the fightback a great community effort.

“We have not been defeated by coronavirus. Though much remains to be done, our determination to work together and look after each other will help us prevail. Our 100 Thank Yous is a salute to that.”

Who can you nominate?

Anyone who has helped. Think of charity workers, community volunteers, frontline workers from nurses to bus drivers, business people, helpful neighbours, the person who kept the village store supplying food to their community, the delivery person, the cake baker, the prescription collector, the teacher looking out for their pupils – and those who have found ways to keep our spirits up.

Help us show our region’s gratitude and nominate your local coronavirus heroes.

We have a 100 Thank You mementoes for the people we select to help us tell the story of how our region rose to the challenge and ensured that 2020 will be remembered as a year of rainbows among the dark clouds of Covid-19.

Click here to submit your nomination on our Brighter Banking website →

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