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What is Pay2Mobile?

Paym Pay2Mobile is part of Paym; a national payments service which connects the current accounts and mobile phone numbers of over 40 million customers of the participating banks and building societies.

Pay2Mobile allows Cumberland current account customers to send and receive money simply and securely using just a mobile phone number.

Do you have to register to use Pay2Mobile?

You don't need to register to make payments but you do have to register to be able to receive payments. Registration is quick and simple. Log on to the Mobile Banking app, select 'Pay2Mobile Registration' from the main menu and follow the instructions.

How to use Pay2Mobile

You need a Cumberland current account with Internet Banking, your mobile phone number recorded with us and our app.

Sending Money

You can send up to £500 (per day) to another person using just their mobile number in our app.

What will happen to my Paym registration when I switch my current account?

On your switch date your old bank or building society will de-register your mobile phone number from Paym. If your new bank or building society offers Paym then you can re-register your mobile number with them. You can do this on or after your switch date, or earlier if you de-register your mobile number at your old bank or building society yourself.

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