12 tips for viewing a property

Published on 23 August 2018

Are you on the hunt for a new home? Here are twelve top tips on what you should look for when viewing properties.

1. Do a drive by
Even before you’ve viewed the property, it’s useful to drive by to get a feel for the property and the area it’s located. Drive by at different times during the day to check what the area is like.

2. Measure your larger furniture
Before viewing the property, measure your favourite pieces of furniture and take the measurements with you to check it would fit. Don’t forget a tape measure for the viewing!

3. Look for flaking paint, discoloured walls and smell
Make sure to check lower and higher parts of walls for signs of damp. If there are signs of damp, this could be a costly fix to consider.

5. Find out what fixtures are included
Check what would be included in the sale such as curtains, carpets, lighting fixtures.

6. Check your phone signal in each room
Make sure to check that you've got good mobile reception in all rooms of the house. Imagine how annoyed you'd be if you couldn't call anyone to tell them about your amazing new pad.

7. Ask to see plumbing and heating
Find out when the heating/plumbing was last checked/serviced.

8. Take a walk in the local area
See how the area feels, visit the local shops and ask their opinion of the area.

9. Ask if the property is a listed building or in a conservation area
This may limit the changes you can make to it in the future. This should be made clear by the estate agent but ask the seller if they've made or tried to make any changes in the past.

10. Ask about council tax and utility bills
Websites such as Zoopla can give you a utility bill estimate, ask what council band the property is in for a better idea of monthly running costs of the property.

11. Take someone with you to view
This could be your partner, parent or friend, but all of them at once might be a bit of a squeeze! While you ask questions, they could be looking at the property in more detail and even think of some questions too.

12. Record your journey on your phone around the property
Doing this means you can look back and make a note of anything you've missed before your next viewing. Get the person you've taken to do it if you feel awkward, make out that they insisted.

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