10 top tips and tactics to help sell your home

Published on 7 January 2019

At The Cumberland, we sell more properties than any other estate agent in Cumbria and Dumfries*. With years of experience and in-depth local knowledge, we share the best tactics to help boost the chances of a sale even more.

Increase kerb appeal

Most buyers form their first impressions of a house within seconds of arriving at a property; it’s all about that first impression. Clean up old fencing, clear the pathway and move bins out of view. As soon as your potential buyer arrives, make them want to see more.

Tricks of the trade

As one of The Cumberland’s local home experts, Kate Patrick has over 13 years experience successfully selling homes across the region.

She said: “Kitchens are big selling points in the housing market today. No matter how big or small, if you do one thing to prepare for a viewing make sure worktops are clear - hiding small appliances such as toasters or juice makers in cupboards can really show the potential of the kitchen space.”

Freshen up

Chances are your buyer will redecorate as soon as they move in - so no need to go all out and furnish your property according to the latest trends. Instead, think of keeping your home neutral. That way, your buyer can start to see ways of putting their own stamp on it when they move.

Go clutter-free

Mum of two, Kiri Skelton, from Whitehaven, prioritised a thorough clean-up before she sold her home.

She said: “Before we put our house on the market we had a really thorough declutter. Getting rid of unwanted junk made it so much easier to keep the house clean and tidy for viewings, plus it saved us a huge job when packing up to move.”

What’s cooking in the kitchen?

As a first-time buyer in Carlisle, Caroline Bowron got through her fair share of house viewings last year. But the property she settled on had something extra special brewing in the kitchen.

She said: “When we went to the view the house we eventually ended up buying the owner had a pot of coffee on and you could smell it right through the house as we looked around. It was delicious.”

Baking bread, cakes or brewing fresh coffee can stimulate the senses during a house viewing. Although some smells can be equally off-putting - make sure to clear drains, empty bins and air the kitchen if old cooking smells are lingering.

Avoid excuses

You know that lightbulb that needs changing or the dripping tap in the bathroom? Now’s the time to fix it. If your potential buyer is planning on viewing a number of properties, a small problem may send the wrong message about your house. Make sure there’s no room for nitpicking.

How do you use your home?

Have the perfect spot to catch the sunset in the evening? When it comes to showing a potential buyer around your home Emma Skelton, from Brampton, realised that sharing a little bit more can make a house seem more like a home.

“Rather than simply showing them around your home, consider giving them an idea of what it might be like to live there.

Little things like how certain rooms catch the sun in the morning, or that it's a nice spot for a coffee all through the year is a great bit of insight and helps viewers really start to picture themselves living in your house.”

Don’t forget your outdoor space

Anne Sowerby runs an award-winning interior designer and house staging company, Sassy Property in Wigton. And while you may have perfected what’s inside, she thinks it’s important to consider your outdoor space too.

“Do not forget to spruce up your garden or yard, however small it may be; it is a valuable asset to your home and should be treated as an additional room space. Making sure any outdoor space is inviting and functional could add thousands to your sale price.”

And then stay out of the way

It’s always important to let potential buyers wander around your house freely once you’ve shown them around. But don’t wander too far - be ready to answer any of their questions after they’ve taken a second look.

Find the right estate agent

At The Cumberland, not only will your local home expert help you understand the housing market and follow best practice when it comes to the selling process but they will be happy to share their excellent insight into your local area.

Selling your home with The Cumberland will help to make the biggest impact and maximise viewings of your property. Get in touch to book a valuation with our local property experts.

*Based on Zoopla data covering sales between 1/1/18 to 31/10/18, sold subject to contract data only.