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Apply for a current account online now. It only takes 5 minutes. Please note, we can only consider applications for overdrafts once your current account has been open for 6 months.

A competitive, comprehensive current account which includes the option of an overdraft but requires £750 per month minimum funding.

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Current Account Switch Guarantee
Switch from one bank or building society to another in a simple, reliable and stress-free way. It will only take seven working days.

Account Summary

  • Cumberland Plus Current Account
    Minimum age
    18 You must be 18 years old or older to apply for this account
    Must be main account
    Yes You must confirm that this is going to be the primary account through which you conduct your personal banking
    Minimum funding requirement
    £750 per month You must fund your account with at least £750 per month from an external source. Cash, cheques and transfers from other personal Cumberland accounts will not count towards the minimum funding requirement. Transfers from Cumberland Business accounts will count towards the minimum funding requirement. In the case of joint accounts, one such source of income is acceptable.
    Charge if funding requirement is not met
    £2 per month If you do not meet the minimum funding requirement in a calendar month, a charge of £2 will be applied to the account in the following month. The charge will be applied for every calendar month that the minimum funding requirement is not met. The charge will not be applied if the average balance of your account during a calendar month is £1,000 or above and your account has remained in credit.
    Current Account Switch Service
    Yes You can switch your account to us in 7 Days by our team based in Carlisle, guaranteed.
    Standing Orders & Direct Debits
    Yes A standing order is a way we can make regular transfers, on your instruction, of a fixed amount of money from your account to another account. You can set a payment to be taken at a certain frequency (for example, the 1st of each month) for a set amount of time, such as six months. Your payments will consist of money set at an amount chosen by you. A Direct Debit is where you permit someone else (recipient) to instruct us to transfer money from your account to that recipient. We then transfer money to the recipient on a date or dates agreed by you and the recipient. The amount may vary. If the organisation you are paying wants to change an amount or date of collection, they have to tell you about it first.
    Contactless Visa debit card
    Yes Payments are simple, quick and secure with a Visa debit card. You can use your card anywhere you see the Visa sign. You can use your debit card to make a payment in pounds. This can be in a shop, online or over the phone. Chip and PIN has no limit as long as you have sufficient funds in your account. The limit for contactless is £45 with a physical debit card.
    Visa Secure and One-Time Passcode protection
    Yes The Visa Secure service and One-Time Passcode (OTP) protection provides additional security and helps prevent your Visa debit card against unauthorised us.
    Cash Withdrawal in pounds in the UK at Link cash machines
    £300 per day You can take cash out of your account in pounds at a Link and Visa cash machine, bank or Post Office in the UK.
    Mini statements from Cumberland ATMs
    Yes You can print mini-statements at any Cumberland ATM.
    Cash withdrawal at Cumberland branches
    £500 per day You can take cash out of your account in pounds at any Cumberland cash machine.
    Cash withdrawal and debit card payment in foreign currency outside the UK
    Free Unlike most banks, we won't charge you for making Cumberland Visa debit card payments in a foreign currency, or for cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK (with most Cumberland current accounts). The provider of an cash machine or retailer may apply a charge.
    Cheque book
    Free (on request) You can request a cheque book
    Free You will receive monthly statements for your account
    Use of all Cumberland branches
    Yes All 34 Cumberland branches
    Internet banking
    Yes Our full range of internet banking services are available on computers, tablets and smartphones.
    Mobile banking App
    Yes Available for iPhone and Android phones
    Text alerts
    Yes You can choose to receive alerts to your mobile phone by text message when your balance falls below a value of your choice. Also, for security, when your Internet Banking Access Code has been changed and access suspended.
    Pay2Mobile (Mobile Payments)
    Yes Send & receive money using a mobile number with Pay2Mobile. It is part of Paym, which connects over 40m current accounts and mobile numbers in the UK. For when cash isn’t to hand and sharing account details is a hassle.
    Customer Service Helpline
    Yes Here for you 7 days a week, our friendly team based in Carlisle are here to take your call and reply to your messages
    Overdraft facility available
    Yes (on request - subject to status) An overdraft can be useful for short term borrowing, for example to cover your expenses until pay day. The advantage of an overdraft is it is flexible and you can dip into it at any point over the agreement period.
    Credit interest paid into your account
    Minimum balance £1
    Variable Gross Interest/AER 0.00%
    The interest rate you will receive on your account balance. Gross interest is the contractual rate of interest payable (without deduction of tax) and you will be responsible for paying any tax you owe on interest as per your individual personal savings allowance. Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added each year.
    Arranged overdraft interest rate
    13.54% EAR* (variable) Representative example: If you use an arranged overdraft of £250 the interest we will charge you is 13.54% EAR* variable.
    Unarranged overdraft interest rate
    13.54% EAR* (variable)

    Credit interest rates correct at 01/07/2020.

    * Effective Annual Rate (EAR) is the actual annual rate of an arranged overdraft. It does not take into account other f

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Your eligible deposits with Cumberland Building Society are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit protection scheme. Any deposits you hold above the limit are unlikely to be covered.

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