Cumberland Community Fund

Our Cumberland Community Fund provides funding to support the great work of local charitable, not-for-profit organisations from across our region

Application requests

We welcome applications from those charitable, not-for-profit orgnaisations whose projects benefit the communities within our operating area, Cumbria (all CA and LA postcodes), South-West Scotland (all DG postcodes and TD9), West Northumberland (NE45-49), Preston area of North Lancashire (all PR, FY, LA AND BB1-3 and BB5-7)

What will the fund support - Strategic Grants
Larger, multi-year grants of up to £25,000 to improve or maintain the capacity of organisations promoting the financial wellbeing of people.

Funding can be used to provide an opportunity to scale up promising innovations and/or improve existing initiatives.

Strategic grants of up to £25,000 for three years
What will the fund support - Community Grants
Grants of up to £5,000 to community organisations that improve the life skills, education, employability and enterprise of disadvantaged people or support vulnerable, older people.

These are likely to be one-off grants.

Priority will be given to projects that can demonstrate a clear need and/or demand for their service.

Community grants of up to £5,000 over one year.
  • Types of requests we're unable to support
    • Requests for administration equipment, such as computers, for a charity’s own use or general expenses such as salaries
    • Overseas travel, expeditions
    • Events mainly for the general public such as village fetes/carnivals/concerts
    • Organisations supporting other charities
    • Fabric appeals for places of worship unless principally for the benefit of the community as a whole
    • Activities which are mainly/normally the responsibility of central or local government or some other responsible body
    • Hospitals, medical centres and medical research
    • Animal Welfare
    • Individuals
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Giving back

As well as financial assistance through donations, our teams are keen to support local community groups, voluntary organisations, non-profit organisations, charities and schools from across our region in a variety of other ways. from skill/knowledge sharing, to giving back through community days and volunteering.

Skill Sharing
We've a big focus on financial education/awareness and are teams are keen to give back their time to help take part and deliver a range of different sessions across the region.

From budgeting to fraud awareness, our aim is to be able to support people of all ages develop the skills and knowledge that not only help them to improve how they manage their day to day finances, but also how to make better financial decisions now and in the future.
Community Days
Each year, we offer everyone the opportunity to take a community day. This gives our teams the chance to go out and spend time supporting a charity or organisation of their choice.

They can do this individually, with others from their own team or even better, join forces with others from across the business. It's not only a fantastic way to help a local good cause, but a really nice way to get to know team mates better outside of the day to day, office environment.

What's brilliant to see when people use their community day is how much this benefits them and the people they are helping. It's definitely something we're really proud of!

Latest News

Photo: Celebrating International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month
Celebrating International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month

Celebrating the achievements of female colleagues was a key part of a unique way for us to mark International Women’s Day at the Cumberland.

Photo: The Cumberland donates £10,000 to help refugees fleeing war in Ukraine
The Cumberland donates £10,000 to help refugees fleeing war in Ukraine

The Cumberland building society has made a £10,000 donation to a fund which will help refugees arriving in Cumbria from Ukraine.

Photo: If you’ve got time on your hands and want to give something back to the community, why not consider volunteering?
If you’ve got time on your hands and want to give something back to the community, why not consider volunteering?

Volunteering can enhance your self-esteem and confidence, add experience and knowledge, expand your social network and improve your CV.

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