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Interested in tracking and reducing your carbon footprint? You can with Cogo.
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Your quick guide to Cogo

Cogo’s free app enables you to view and reduce the carbon footprint of your spending.

The app highlights ways for you to improve and compensate for your climate change impact by using Open Banking to view your bank transactions and access real-time information about your carbon footprint, enabling you to become a more conscious consumer.

Cogo are on a mission to empower hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide to become conscious consumers and we’re pleased to partner with them.

Partnering with Cogo is the first step on our journey to understand our impact on the climate and the environment around us, learning more about this will us build future plans to help us do our bit for the planet.

3 steps to setting up Cogo

Download the Cogo app

The app is free on both iOS and Android, simply follow the link below to download it. When creating your Cogo account you will need your Cumberland Internet Banking Username and Access Code to link you accounts together.


Personalise your service

Share the environmental and social issues that matter to you, then link your Cumberland current account to measure the impact on your spending.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Track and monitor your carbon footprint, with expert advice on how to reduce it based on your spending habits.

Apple Store
Download the Cogo app from the Apple Store today and track you carbon footpring in real time every week through your bank transactions.
Google Play
Download the Cogo app from Google Play today and offset your emissions and have a carbon-neutral life - learn how to contribute to carbon reduction projects.
Scan the QR code to download the Cogo app today.

Your privacy

Both the Cumberland and Cogo take the protection of your data very seriously. If you click through to Cogo, you will be leaving the Cumberland and entering their website which is subject to their own Data Privacy Notice. We recommend that you read it before providing Cogo with any personal information or connecting your Cumberland account to their app. View Cogo’s Data Privacy Notice.


  • How is Cogo using my data?

    Open Banking uses secure technology. Cogo works with consents, online, which is regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means your data is securely stored and encrypted so it can only be used for features that are necessary to the Cogo experience.

    With your consent via Open Banking, Cogo will help you identify opportunities for you to shift your spending to businesses that better align with your values. We do this by analysing your bank transactions to identify which businesses you're currently shopping with. We never share your personal transaction data with any third parties. We use very aggregated, completely anonymous data to report on the overall impact of Cogo community and to make the case to companies for improving their business practices (e.g. 15% increase in spend at business X by customers who care about the Living Wage).

  • What is a Carbon Footprint?

    It’s the impact created on the climate as we go about our daily lives and comes from the greenhouse gases emitted from each decision we make throughout the day – either directly or indirectly. It’s a way of representing your personal contribution to the polluting gases that cause climate change. These gases are often referred to as ‘greenhouse gases’ due to their effect on the planet’s climate. From the type of car you drive to the construction materials of your new wardrobe – it all leaves a footprint. You can find out more in our article explaining exactly what a carbon footprint is. To avoid confusion, it isn’t the same as ‘carbon’ which is a chemical element – we’re more familiar with it in its solid forms: diamonds, graphite and graphene.

  • What is Open Banking?

    Open Banking is a UK government regulation that gives you back ownership of your financial data. Open Banking allows you to import your transaction data securely into other applications that have been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Please note the following helpful information from the Open Banking organisation:

    • Open Banking is read-only. No changes can be made to your account unless you specifically authorise a third party to make payments or transfers for you.
    • You stay in control. It’s always your choice to give a regulated app or website permission to access your data. Changed your mind? Your regulated app or website should make it easy for you to withdraw your consent and let you know how to do so.
    • You're protected. Apps and websites enrolled on the Open Banking Directory are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or European equivalent. It means there are strict rules about how they operate and keep your data secure.
    • Find out more information watch the ‘What is Open Banking?’ video or visit their official website here.
  • Can I really make a difference?

    Yes, you can! When you join Cogo, you become part of a winder community where everyone’s individual actions add up to make a significant difference. This can’t happen without the actions of every single member, including you.

  • More questions about Cogo?

    You can visit the FAQs section of their website here.