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Unlike most banks, we won't charge you to use your Cumberland Visa debit card or Apple Pay to make transactions abroad or in foreign currencies (with most Cumberland current accounts)* More details below
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* If your 16-digit Visa Debit Card number starts with 4658 5520 or 4909 71, we will not charge you to use your card or Apple Pay for transactions in a foreign currency. However, if your card number starts 4658 5550 or 4751 48, we will make a charge of 2.5% of the transaction amount
We take the charge from your account on the day the transaction is shown on your account, which may not be the same day you carried out the transaction. It will be shown separately on your statement so you can see the cost associated with using your account for transactions in foreign currencies

This fee also applies if you use your card to buy goods or services in a currency other than sterling on the internet or over the phone. In addition, the retailer or cash machine provider may apply a charge, regardless of your account type. We do not control this


When you use your Cumberland Visa debit card to carry out a transaction in a currency other than sterling, unless you are offered and accept a currency conversion rate at the time, transactions will be converted into sterling at the exchange rate on the date they are received by Visa in the UK
This will give you an idea of the Visa exchange rate that would be used. Please note that this rate is only indicative because such transactions are processed and converted when the retailer sends them to Visa. This is not always on the same day as the transaction itself


How our Securecard service helps to make your money safe and secure

To help protect your money from fraud abroad, your card cannot be used abroad until you tell us you are travelling overseas
This means that your money cannot be fraudulently accessed by common fraudsters based overseas during the time when you are in the UK. Find out more below about how SecureCard works and how you can inform us of your travel plans


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I inform you of my plans to travel abroad?

    You can inform us of the destination(s) and dates of your trip abroad:

    What will happen if I don’t tell you I’m going abroad and try to use my card in a foreign country?

    Your card cannot be used to withdraw money from a cash machine or as a debit card in shops, restaurants etc. You should contact us as soon as you can using any of the methods explained previously and we will allow your card to be used abroad. Although we recommend using internet or mobile banking to do this, please be careful where and how you access the internet.

    We strongly advise you to ensure that you have a contingency fund of cash in an appropriate currency when you travel abroad.

    It is always possible that you could lose or damage your card when abroad and having a supply of cash will help overcome any difficulties you will face.

    Do I need to tell you even if I go abroad for one day?

    Yes, if you intend to use your Cumberland Visa debit card while you are outside the UK.

    What if I am going abroad for more than 21 days?

    You can extend the dates you already have set by up to 21 days from the date you are extending them.

    What if I am away and haven’t got access to the internet?

    You should call us on 00 44 1228 403141. Please bear in mind the opening hours of our Customer Service Team.

    This sounds like a hassle - is it worth it?

    We believe it is. The protection you will receive against fraud far outweighs the hassle involved in informing us of your travel plans.

    Can I advise you of all of my future trips abroad at the same time?

    No. You can only advise us of one trip (i.e. date range) and location at a time.

    What do I do if I have more than one Cumberland account with a card I want to be able to use abroad?

    You can select which account, or accounts, you want to use abroad. You do not need to free up all of your accounts and cards, and we recommend that you only do so on those you intend to use.

    How much notice do I have to give before I go away?

    To ensure that you are less likely to forget, we recommend that you tell us as soon as you arrange your travel plans. You can advise us of your travel plans up to a maximum of one year in advance.

    I have a joint account. If I set travel dates for my card, will it also apply to my partner's card?

    No, SecureCard protects your card. Your partner needs to set their travel dates separately.

    What do I do if I change my plans after I have set dates?

    If you cancel your travel plans, depart on a different date or return on a different date, we recommend that you change your SecureCard travel dates accordingly.

    Can I use my Cumberland card to pay for things online from a foreign country without telling you?

    Yes. SecureCard protection only prevents transactions in foreign countries which are at cash machines and in retail outlets.

    Do I have to tell you if I am going abroad if I don't intend to use my card?

    If you are definitely not going to use your card, then no. However, if there is a chance you will need to use your card during your trip we suggest you inform us.

    Note: The Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man are part of the UK and not classed as abroad.


Tell us
If you want to use your Cumberland Visa debit card
Take some cash
In the appropriate currency
Take your cards
But only the ones you intend to use
Note our contact number
From abroad: 00 44 1228 403141
Keep it separate from your cards
Your contact details
Ensure we have up-to-date contact details for you
Including a mobile number if possible


Separate cards
Always keep your cards separate from your travellers cheques and cash
And never leave any of them unattended
Look around you
Be wary of people close to you when using your card
Also avoid poorly lit cash machines when it is dark and look out for signs of tampering on a cash machine
Public computers
Don't use public computers to access Internet Banking unless absolutely necessary
Always ensuring your logon details can't be viewed by anybody else and you fully log out when finished
Card care
Look after your cards
And shield your PIN with your free hand when typing it into a keypad in a shop or at a cash machine
Bum bag?
Consider wearing a concealed money belt
To keep your cards, cash and traveller’s cheques safe

Our security promise

Our online banking services have been designed to protect you and your money, but you must also take all the precautions we recommend to ensure that your devices are secure and that your personal details are kept safe. If you are ever an innocent victim of fraud as a result of your use of these services, we will fully reimburse the money taken from your account. Simple as that.
Fraud Protection Tips
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