About Us

We have a culture of fairness and a focus on making decisions which are in the best long-term interests of the Society and its members. We strive to operate by the following values:

This is embodied in ‘the mother test’, which encourages us, when making decisions and dealing with customers, to treat them as they would wish their own mother to be treated
Customer Focus
We consider the impact of our behaviour and decisions on customers and believe that great service is at the heart of good business
Building Relationships
We aim to play a positive role in the everyday lives of our customers, our communities and our region, and strive to behave in a way that builds relationships for the long term
We are open and transparent with each other, with customers and with third parties
Acting Responsibly
We have a culture of good conduct, strong compliance and risk awareness, and our people must take ownership for their actions
Risk Management
We are focussed on identifying the risks to the Society and its customers and managing these appropriately

Ethical and Social Responsibilities

We take our social and ethical responsibilities seriously. As we do not invest our member’s money in stocks and shares, many of the issues normally associated with ethical investment do not apply to us.

The Cumberland is a mutual organisation, and as such we do not need to maximise profit for external shareholders and the Society is run in the best long-term interest of its members. We encourage members to take an active role in the Society and we have one of the highest voting figures at our AGM of any UK building society.

The Environment

We recognise that we have an impact on the environment arising from our activities, including the use of energy, the purchase and disposal of materials and equipment and pollution arising from its motor vehicles.

Our Environmental Policy is designed to manage and reduce our environmental impacts through ongoing energy conservation, recycling and waste reduction.

The key elements that are being undertaken to achieve this are:

  • Ongoing monitoring of energy consumption
  • Use of recycled paper in Head Office and all Branches
  • Recycling of Paper, Plastics, Cardboard, IT and Electrical Equipment
  • Ongoing monitoring of waste consumption
  • Staff awareness of energy conservation, recycling and waste reduction
  • Reduce the emissions from company cars and business travel wherever possible

We have also been designated a Fair Trade organisation.

Local Communities and Charitable Support

As an independent regional building society, we believe we have a responsibility to support our local communities. In the last financial year, we donated more than £100,000 to support local community, educational and charitable initiatives. We also believe our branches are important to the local community and have designated several of our smaller branches as ‘community branches’. These offer a range of free services to the local community including photocopying, faxing, ticket sales for local events and a recycling collection point.

Our staff are encouraged to be active in the local community and recent collective activity has included fund-raising by participating in the Great Cumbrian Run, Midnight Walks and the Race for Life. In addition, all staff are offered a day’s paid leave each year to support their preferred charity or community project.